92 original poems including Gary Fogarty’s most popular performance poems, award winning poems as well as many never before published bush poetry gems from Australia’s Inaugural Bush Poetry Champion.


1. The Greenmount Ball
2. The Line Dancers
3. The Hut
4. The Lion’s Family Picnic
5. Dreams Of Long Ago
6. Dave Achillies’ Suffolk Pet (J. Fogarty)
7. The Footy Poem
8. The Breaker
9. Fitting Tribute
10. Spirit Of Waltzing Matilda
11. Millmerran Curry Night
12. The Face
13. The Modern Wife
14. Why Do I Run Cattle?
15. The Best Street Fighter In Town
16. The Tough Man
17. Setting The Record Straight
18. Railway Restroom Poets
19. Those Who Shared The Stage


1. The Bushman’s Friend
2. How We Won The Ribbon
3. White In His Eye
4. How The Fire Queen Crossed The Swamp
5. His Epitaph
6. The Man Who Steadies The Lead
7. Where The Brumbies Come to Water 
      (Sung by K. Fogarty)
8. From The Gulf
9. The Stockyard Liar
10. The Riding Of The Rebel
11. The Pearl Of Them All
12. Rainbow In The Yard
13. Linden Lea
14. Will Ogilvie – A Tribute


1. Saturday Morning Fever
2. Still Line Dancing
3. A Rocky Road To Heaven
4. The Best Mates On Earth
5. Bar-B-Que Blues
6. Garden Gnome Assassin 
7. Blind Date
8. Bigger, Sharper Spurs
9. Cross Country Capers
10. Threading The Needle
11. Ode To The Weekend Sportsman
12. Politically Correct Poet
13. You’ll Find It In The Bush
14. Flower Powered Car Rally
15. Rough Country Ringer (Sung by M. Horswood)
16. The Last Parade (A.B. Paterson)

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